Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Scrap Room Tour

So while I was taking the pictures of the banner I thought that I should shot a little video of my scrap room just to show everyone out there what it looks like. I'm not the best at recording so I hope I dont make anyone  I love my little scrap space and I hope you do too!

ok so i tried to upload the video like 100 times and it just was not I added the link so you can see the tour on YouTube. ( I'll get this blogging thing down pack sooner or later)...

Here is a picture of the room looks messy but it is just perfect...i know where everything is...most of the time.  You didn't get to see if the video where I keep my cricut b/c i moved it to work on the banner in my other room while working from home. But I keep the cricut on a small table by the closet door...most of the time the door stays open, I only close it if I know I'm having company...

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