Monday, January 17, 2011

Last challenge of the day...I'm tired now plus back to work tomorrow.  Thank you so much MLK Jr. for all you did so that I could honor you on my day off today! So below is the challenge and my layout based off of it.  Now this isn't my favorite but its cute:

The Potpourri Challenge is back.........
Since this is the beginning of the new year, let's take time to remember some events from 2010.

My challenge to you is to do a layout titled 10 things from 2010.
You must list the ten things you want to remember and if you want to use photos you may.  Also include some type of clock or calendar on your layout.

Your layout must be new as of January 15th and cannot be used in any other Colorful Creations Challenge, please remember to load in the gallery also.

A small rak will be provided to the winner of the challenge, which will be chosen using random generator.

Here is my example:

Ok here is mine:

My list reads:
1. Masters Degree 2. Wedding/Family Reunion 3. Carlo's Bakery 4. Cricut Expression 5. Kidney Transplant 6. 1 year with Jordan 7. In the Heights Broadway Play 8. Pool Fixed 9. Twins Baptism 10. Turning 25

Now these aren't all my blessing from 2010 but they are the ones that came to me first...

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