Monday, January 17, 2011

Holiday Photo Challenge

Another challenge! I am so excited that I have been putting these out like something but faster than I normally would have. Ok so see the challenge below and then my entry...

Hi all happy new years!
Have you started working on your xmas holidays layouts.  Well I have a challenge for  you.  What do you do with all the photo cards you get during the season, do you chuck it, piled it into a photo box.  Why not do a layout.  For my first guest challenge, please do a layout any size is fine.

But here are some of my rules. 

  • at least one photo card (pls pick the cheerful, humorous or entertaining ones.
  • must be holiday related (thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years)
  • Must be a christmas card you personally received
  • add some bling
  • add ribbon (but optional)
  • the title should have the name of the person or family of the photo or a holiday themed title
  • Journaling
Here is my example:

ok here is my entry:

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